All the seller leads are generated once paid for.
Always fresh, never double used.
But. How do we find people looking to sell their home?

Google Adwords

Who are the most motivated sellers? Those ones looking to sell their home.

Cold Calling

Our empathethic cold calling team calls hundreds of numbers daily looking for people motivated to sell.

Paid Banners

We use Blip to display Billboards in heavily trafficked highways.

Text Blasting

It's a numbers game. We text blast thousands of home owners on a daily basis.

Door Knocking

Many times we'll hire a sales team to focus on a particular zip code.

Facebook Ads

A perfect complement to Google Ads.

What is the maximum amount of realtors we work with per city

Reasoning? To ensure low competition


8 Leads

Waiting Time = 1-3 business days
$ 400 That's $50 per lead

15 Leads

Waiting Time = 3 - 5 business days
$ 600 That's $40 per lead

30 Leads

Waiting Time = 5-10 business days
$ 900 That's $30 per lead


You have Questions. We have answers.

We do one thing but we are very good at what we do. Over the past decade we’ve elaborated a system to get seller links and we pass that experience on to you.

Unlike others who re-use old leads and share them amongst the same realtors. Our leads are created after purchase. Always fresh.

This does happen once in a while and we are not afraid to admit it. After all our leads are fresh. If we don’t provide full results we offer 100% refunds. Not only that but if your order is half complete we’ll give you whatever we have free of cost.

In your email. Make sure to check your spam for an email from 

Unless clearly stated in our notes in the email we send you. These leads are to be contacted immediately. 

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