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We combine marketing with software automation to offer the most affordable and accurate lead generation, skip tracing and bot software in the market. 

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$0.07 skiptracing

We provide you with up to 7 possible phone numbers and have an accuracy of 93.5% according to our surveyed 1,500+ clients

Lead Generation

Fresh leads straight to your inbox. We use a variety of marketing techniques to get you high quality leads every time

Paid Marketing

Our Google, Facebook and Instagram ads specialist could be making and running your ads monthly for a $500 flat fee

Virtual Assistants

How does a $5.50 per hour full time virtual assistant sound? Even better if they speak perfect English right? I guess it's your lucky day then.


Flyers, mailers, web design and everything in between. Let us know what you'd like us to do and we'll have it done professionally.

Craigslist Bot

Imagine compiling all for sale by owner posts in one CRM as soon as they are posted. Now you have it!

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For pennies on the dollar you can have us automating your REI business so you can focus on the only thing that really matters. Getting paid. 

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